Still Howling Wolf

Since the reintroduction of the gray wolf into the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, people from around the region have had to learn to live with this predator. Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, which all have seen a wolf population boom since the 1994 reintroduction, have all been at odds with the federal government about wolf management. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared that the wolf has recovered enough to be taken off the endangered species list, provided that each state creates a viable management plan. Since those plans all included some hunting of wolves, the controversy continues at the point where politics, biology, and a deeply complicated relationship between humans and predators meet. In a cover story for High Country News and this web exclusive video, The Story Group traveled through Wyoming’s wolf country to hear from those who with canis lupus in their backyards and explore what it’s like to come to terms with this predator in their midst.

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